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Sales of the New Energy Vehicles (NEV) Increased by 138% in April

Written by: Editor

The sales of plug-in electric vehicles in China are above the expectations for 2018 and especially for the second quarter of this year. New energy vehicles (NEV) as they are known, are the type of cars very much appreciated on the market for the past decade, and the Chinese government continues to sustain the foreign investments which aim the automotive sector. Entrepreneurs from abroad can benefit from the booming business market in China and can set up their operations through WFOEs in China. If you need support in this matter, we invite you to talk to our team of company formation specialists in China.

Encouraging the use of NEV in China

China is in a continuous way of promoting the green energy in the country, in varied sectors. Protecting the environment and decreasing the level of pollution are among the important targets for the Chinese authorities and the automotive sector is the first to sustain the governmental plans. This is how NEV sales in China went up by 138% only in April this year, compared to 117% in March 2018. Customers are encouraged to use new energy vehicles through all sorts of methods, among which the tax exemption seems the successful one. If you would like to invest in the automotive sector in China and set up companies, we invite you to address your inquiries to our company incorporation specialists in China.

2 million NEV sold by 2020

China’s plans regarding the sales of NEV are quite big and if the rhythm of growth rises as fast as it happened at the beginning of 2018, there are lots of probabilities to be amazed by new numbers. The Chinese authorities are expecting to sell approximately 2 million new energy vehicles by the end of 2020 or even to surpass this round number. In 2017, more than 777,000 NEV were sold only in China.
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