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Mobile Game Revenues in China to Reach Around $42 billion by 2022

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The mobile game sector in China is known as a prolific one and an important source of income for many entrepreneurs whether local or from abroad. Approximately $ 42 billion will be registered as revenues in China by the end of 2022. Considering that this sector is flourishing on a daily basis, numerous investors from abroad decide to enter the IT and game market. As for the legal aspects of how you can set up a business in China, we invite you to address your questions to our Chinese company formation agents.

China is the biggest mobile game market in the world

The status of the largest mobile game market on an international level has been easily conquered because the country registers more than 600 million users, according to the latest statistics and research in this field. At the moment, China represents 25% of the international mobile games profits, with $16 billion profits expected this year. According to specialists in the mobile game field, more than 720 million users will be registered by the end of 2021, an important number which can be easily reached if the trends continue in the same positive direction.
We remind that foreign investors in China can set up WFOEs (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises), the suitable structure that it is suggested for complete foreign ownership.

The gaming sector in China expanded rapidly in recent years

Even though China is a respected business hub in most sectors of interest, it seems that the mobile game field was recognized as the fastest growing section, due to the excellent mobile platforms that sustain this important business. More than that, the online games sector will soon represent two-thirds of the total profits which are going to be registered by the end of 2022, approximately $ 42 billion. Being aware of the market requests, the game providers developed their applications for both men and women.
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