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China and Israel to Cooperate for Technological Innovations

Written by: Editor

The solid and valued collaborations of China with countries worldwide continue to develop in a fruitful direction in terms of business. China and Israel have settled a new agreement regarding the technology transfer and the methods in which innovation can be expanded in varied sectors of interest and prolific industries. Opening a company in China means taking advantage of numerous business opportunities among many others, but for a complete understanding of the regulations in this area, we suggest you talk to or company formation agents in China.

Chinese and Israeli companies interested in business development

At a recent meeting between Israeli and Chinese company representatives, there have been several business discussions aiming at the ways in which technological innovations can be implemented. Sectors like digital economy or manufacturing have been put on debates, alongside with several ideas of how smart cities can be developed in both states with mutual support and technological exchanges. China-Israel Technology Innovation IP Trading Platform has been recently launched and intends to be the suitable project through which both countries can transfer their innovation techs for future developments. As a major trading partner, Israel continues to be extremely appealing for China’s business plans and investments.
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A win-win business for China and Israel

The Chinese and Israeli governments cooperate for many years in numerous important fields, and this time, the direction is simple and considered prolific in the future years. Placing technological innovation in most of the businesses will lead to mutual advantages among which well-spent investments. While Israel continues to sustain the technology research in most industries, China is ready to present and implement a series of business innovations in sectors like medicine, insurance, public services, manufacturing with all sorts of biomaterials bearing in mind the importance of the environmental protection.
Numerous innovation projects presented by Israel have lots of chances to be industrialized in China in the next few years, and there are believes that both countries will rapidly develop the technological innovation transfer for a better collaboration in significant areas.
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