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China Cuts Import Tariffs and Simplifies Customs Procedures

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Because the business climate changes periodically, worldwide governments need to respond to the needs and demands on the market in a professional and appreciative manner. This is also the case for China which recently decided to cut the import tariffs in the food industry. Foreign companies have now the possibility of entering the products on the Chinese market in a short period of time with the new business regulations. Opening a WFOE in China as a foreign investor is subject to a series of benefits, among which complete ownership is the most important one. We invite you to talk to one of our specialists in company formation China and ask for complete services tailored to your business needs.

Food from abroad will enter rapidly on the Chinse market

China’s solid business ties with countries worldwide seen an important change in matters of fees. The Chinese authorities decided to cut down the tariffs for imported products for a fast entrance on the market. This significant improvement sustains the trading businesses between China and a large number of countries, and reduces the customs clearance time, particularly for foreign food companies. As a major seafood consumer, China can benefit now from fresh products which can enter the market faster than before. This is a significant step in the business environment, as cutting the tariffs will attract even more food enterprises to introduce their products in China.
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New Zealand and Canada to benefit from new customs regulations

Two of the important food trading partners for China are Canada and New Zealand. Food companies from the above-mentioned countries have now the possibility of introducing even more products on the market, particularly the ones with a small shelf life like pasteurized milk and related products. In this direction, the import quarantine and quality inspection made by the Chinese authorities have been improved through all sorts of schemes. Also, the decision of easing the import control of products was adopted bearing in mind that Canada and New Zealand have reputable brands on the Chinese market. Also, the innovative products have been in the attention of the Chinese authorities and offer the same entrance conditions through a series of pre-inspection methods, even if a classification is not available at the moment.
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