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Robots Purchases Rose by 58% in China

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China is known for its fast development in most of the industries, and the country which rapidly adopted the industrial robots in many fields. The advanced technology sustains the prolific Chinese economy and attracts for many years numerous foreign investments in a wide range of sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, green energy, engineering, aviation, healthcare or education. Knowing what the business environment offers in China will help entrepreneurs from abroad set up companies in China in a fast and reliable manner. Our company formation specialists in China can manage the registration procedure on your behalf and can offer you information about how you can open a WFOE in China.

China, the largest industrial robot market

Since 2013, China gained the status of the biggest industrial robot market in the world, and the road continues to develop as the local suppliers provide a large palette of products made with the latest technologies. In numbers, China acquired approximately 141,000 robots which nowadays serve to industrial purposes. More than 29% of the industrial robots which are found in most of the sectors are made in China. The percentage will grow on a yearly basis as there are numerous companies interested in top technologies for their current activities which can sustain the overall profits in the future. Local and foreign investors can benefit from the appealing engineering sector and can place their investment in the industrial robotics sector. Our company incorporation consultants in China are at your disposal with assistance in company formation in China.

Chinese robots to sustain the foreign demands

More than 387,000 industrial robots are found outside the Chinese borders, in countries all over the world that understood the importance of innovation in running the businesses. In profits, the sales represent approximately $50 billion and a growth of 31% year-on-year. The boundless potential of Chinese robotics manufacturers has been observed by numerous experts who consider that China will surpass the expectations, particularly in the well-developed automotive industry.
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