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Why Investors from Abroad are Attracted by Chinese Properties

Written by: Editor

China hosts a multitude of investors from abroad who have developed all sorts of businesses with complete sustenance in terms of investment incentives among others. The real estate market in China is extremely appealing and generous for entrepreneurs and if you have decided to open a company in China, we recommend you address to our Chinese company incorporation agents for information and assistance. A WFOE (wholly foreign-owned enterprise) in China is the type of entity that suits most the business needs of foreign investors.

Investing in Beijing’s excellent real estate market

Numerous companies from overseas see China, and particularly Beijing as a top destination for their investments. The real estate opportunities in the city are enormous whether we talk about real estate developers or entrepreneurs wanting to acquire properties and then decide for rental or leasing activities. On top real estate investments, the office buildings gained the first position because these present a complete interest for the type of investors looking for fast profits. Hotels and malls are also in the attention of foreigners in search of the best real estate business in China.

Developing real estate properties in China

Beijing is on top of the list of real estate destinations with full capacity in terms of business revenues, but in recent years, investors have seen the potential of development for surrounding areas of large Chinese cities. Different residential projects and also renovation plans are among priorities of investors in the real estate in China. As it is known, the Chinese government offers a series of encouragements and incentives for entrepreneurs and large companies which set the operations whether in the real estate sector or in any other field. Most of the incentives are related to employment, and tax regimes, two of the important elements in the business field and investments.
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