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Chinese Products to be Promoted on the African Market with the Help of E-Commerce

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China and Africa have economic and political collaborations since the 14th century, and the revenues generated by the trading sector are speaking on behalf of both countries which continue to develop their relations, this time with a complete focus on the e-commerce sector. Foreigners who want to open a WFOE in China can get in touch with our team of company formation specialists in China and find out complete information about the registration process.

Developing the online shopping in Africa

Even though the Chinese products are present on the African market for many years now, attention is on developing the online potential for all goods and services made in China. The aim is to introduce Chinese e-commerce traders on the African market in a large number and achieve a daring financial target by the end of 2025: $ 75 billion from the online purchases with the help of Chinese platforms introduced in Africa.
On the other hand, it is a known fact that the online payment is relatively a new concept in Africa, and the use of the internet is not covering the entire continent. Even so, the Chinese merchants are extremely confident that Africa is about to change from this point of view, letting investors establish their operations in the e-commerce sector found in a complete expansion.

Many e-commerce companies to develop in Africa

2017 was a prolific year for the African e-commerce market and the $16,5 billion represent the profits registered this year. Africa is considered having an enormous potential in terms of company profits with operations in the e-commerce field, and there are reasons to believe that entrepreneurs in China will direct their activities in a fast manner in this territory. The Belt and Road Initiative is an important project that will sustain the trading activities between China and Africa in the years to come.
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