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Digital Economy in China to Be Promoted on an International Level

Written by: Editor

Boosting the digital economy and providing support and knowledge on a global scale are China’s targets for the years to come. The main interest is to develop communication and foreign cooperation in the path of promoting internet opportunities linked to IT and digital technology. There are many investors from abroad looking to thrive in China’s excellent sectors and a WFOE (wholly foreign-owned enterprise) is the proper business structure that suits the needs of international investors. In this direction, comprehensive support and detailed information can be offered by our team of company formation specialists in China.

Gathering international companies to talk about business opportunities

The efforts of enhancing the digital economy in China have made the authorities ask for mutual support from countries worldwide. The target is to extend the global communication and collaboration and achieve new horizons in cybersecurity and technology which can be successfully implemented in the public services and many other fields of interest. Assessing the internet progresses is definitely on the list of authorities in China who are interested in the ways in which the digital economy can be raised, with international support and communication and implemented not only in large cities but also in regions that are not completely developed.

Foreign investors presented their high-end products

The Light of Internet Expo that recently took place in China gathered more than 400 companies operating in the IT and engineering sectors who presented a series of innovative projects and products. Smart applications, a series of financial techs plus cybersecurity projects have been presented at the exhibition in China where excellent business openings have been sealed among international companies in their path of sharing the future in cyberspace. The digital economy in China is set to develop in the years to come with the support of the latest technology and related benefits, in a constant way of calling for international support and mutual benefits.
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