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A Unique Platform to Develop the UK Businesses in China

Written by: Editor

The solid economic collaboration between China and UK is now sustained by a unique platform which is meant to make an even better connection between the investors of both countries. Opening a business in China is not time-consuming, but for a complete support in matters of documents and formalities with the Chinese authorities, we recommend you address to our team of company incorporation agents in China.

Connecting the business opportunities

A recent business expo in China revealed a new way of developing the affairs with the UK investors. A unique platform which can be accessed in China shows a list of British companies with activities in the financial sector, consumer goods, healthcare, medicine, aviation and automotive which are ready for potential buyers or investments. The novelty in this matter is that such a platform provides complete information about the companies, their structure and business plans for all Chinese investors concerned. The authorities consider that this unique platform may represent a long-term international trade model which can be adopted by other countries too.

Trading activities in numbers

China and UK are dealing with business matters for many years, and the latest statistics show that 2017 was a prolific year in terms of profits. Approximately $80 billion have been registered as bilateral trade, or in other words, a growth of 6.2% on a yearly basis. 19.4% is the registered number for the UK exports to China and the growth provided by this sector for 2017 was of approximately $23 billion according to statistics. The global trade opportunities concern both countries, China and UK that recently implemented the unique business platform to serve the investors in a simple and reliable manner.

Helping UK brands to easily access the Chinese market

The ease of doing business in China is highly appreciated on an international level, and the UK is an important “client”. This is among the reasons why the Chinese authorities decided to create and implement the business platform. The British brands have now the opportunity to be even more visible on the Chinese market and can be accessed by investors worldwide.
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