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China Cuts Import Tariffs and Simplifies Customs Procedures


Because the business climate changes periodically, worldwide governments need to respond to the needs and demands on the market in a professional and appreciative manner. This is also the case for China which recently decided to give up the import tariffs in the food industry. Foreign companies have now the possibility of entering the products on the Chinese market in a short period of time with the new business regulations. Opening a WFOE in China as a foreign investor is subject to a series of benefits, among which complete ownership is the most important one. We invite you to talk to one of our specialists in company formation in Serbia and ask for complete services tailored to your business needs.

Robots Purchases Rose by 58% in China


China is known for its fast development in most of the industries, and the country which rapidly adopted the industrial robots in many fields. The advanced technology sustains the prolific Chinese economy and attracts for many years numerous foreign investments in a wide range of sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, green energy, engineering, aviation, healthcare or education. Knowing what the business environment offers in China will help entrepreneurs from abroad set up companies in China in a fast and reliable manner. Our company formation specialists in China can manage the registration procedure on your behalf and can offer you information about how you can open a WFOE in China.

China and Israel to Cooperate for Technological Innovations


The solid and valued collaborations of China with countries worldwide continue to develop in a fruitful direction in terms of business. China and Israel have settled a new agreement regarding the technology transfer and the methods in which innovation can be expanded in varied sectors of interest and prolific industries. Opening a company in China means taking advantage of numerous business opportunities among many others, but for a complete understanding of the regulations in this area, we suggest you talk to or company formation agents in China.