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Company Formation China



The Competitiveness of the Steel Sector to be Enhanced by Special Funds

The steel manufacturing sector in China is one of the highest importance and a significant source of profits, as the related products are mostly directed to international markets. Starting from the importance of this sector, the Chinese authorities decided to boost this field with a series of measures like special funds dedicated for promoting the mergers and acquisitions in the steel industry. China plays a major role in the worldwide financial market and there are numerous investors thriving in this country. If you are interested in opening a WFOE in China, we invite you to talk to our specialists in company formation in China and ask for support.

Chinese Products to be Promoted on the African Market with the Help of E-Commerce

China and Africa have economic and political collaborations since the 14th century, and the revenues generated by the trading sector are speaking on behalf of both countries which continue to develop their relations, this time with a complete focus on the e-commerce sector. Foreigners who want to open a WFOE in China can get in touch with our team of company formation specialists in China and find out complete information about the registration process.

Relaxed Policies for Small Companies in China

Shortening the procedures for buybacks and allowing companies to buy back shares are about to be sustained by a set of regulations created by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. If at the moment we are talking about a draft, the authorities consider it is time to simplify the rules for buybacks with the help of a few new rules. Foreign investors looking to thrive in China’s main industries are invited to talk to our team of company formation agents and find out information about how they can open a WFOE in China, a preferred business structure directed to entrepreneurs from abroad.