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Company Formation Services in Shenzhen

Updated on Sunday 02nd December 2018

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Company-Formation-Services-in-Shenzen.jpgShenzhen is part of the Guangdong province in China and a major city, business hub, and an important financial center. If you are a foreigner who wants to generate money in the prolific and competitive Chinese market and play an important role in the business field among important players, you can open a company in Shenzhen. Likewise, in this matter, you can address your requests to our company formation agents in China who are at your disposal with guidance and information.

Types of companies you can set up in Shenzhen

If you want to open a company in China, it is advisable to verify and see what city suits most of your activities and future operations. With a fast development in the past decades and with complete accents on industrialization, Shenzhen was rapidly put on the map of preferred business destinations and foreign investments. With reliable and permissive business regulatory system, Shenzhen offers a wide range of opportunities for foreigners in China who can set up WFOEs (Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprises) and be entirely in charge of the liabilities, profits, and losses of the firm. This is the most popular business form in Shenzhen, but if you want to register a company in China, you can also choose joint venture companies, partnerships, representative offices, or sole proprietorships. Each type of company can be established with complete support offered by our team of specialists in company formation in China.
The video presentation below explains the services we can offer if you decide for a business in Shenzhen


The company formation services we can offer in Shenzhen

The company formation in China is a simple process but is recommended to solicit information and guideline throughout the entire procedure. A WFOE in China can be set up by foreigners who want to have 100% ownership and benefit from a fast incorporation. To avoid the language barrier which can generate misunderstandings, and to incorporate as soon as you have chosen Shenzhen for business, our team of advisors can offer the following services:
•    support in documents preparation;
•    register for tax purposes;
•    buy a shelf company;
•    company formation in China;
•    tax advice and planning;
•    accounting services;
•    business consulting.
We also mention foreigners that they can ask for support in company liquidation or company litigation at any time, and they can rely on the legal help offered by our local partners.

Economy facts of Shenzhen

As a major city in China, Shenzhen developed a diversified and appreciated economy in the past decades. The positive trends in this area continue to reveal numerous performances with the help of a wide range of foreign investments but not limited to this, in sectors like agriculture, engineering, energy, IT, manufacturing, the latter one being the engine of the economy for many years. Large corporations worldwide have productive affairs in Shenzhen’s significant industries. About $338 billion represented the economic production for Shenzhen in 2017, placing the city on the third place after Shanghai and Beijing as a solid business and financial hub.
For more information about how to set up a company in China and especially in Shenzhen, we invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in China.

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