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Holding Company in China

Updated on Sunday 26th January 2020

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Holding-Company-in-China.jpgHolding companies in China have a straight purpose and that is to handle the operations and the management of other enterprises established in this country. Because holding companies in China come with several benefits, there are numerous foreign investors who decide for such type of business. Setting up a holding company in China is subject to varied requirements, and to ease the registration process, it is best to speak to our team of company formation agents in China.

Why should I open a holding company in China?

A holding company in China is created in a special way, meaning that foreigners can buy assets like mutual funds, real estate, investments, or business licenses for which there is no corporate tax. Such an advantage makes entrepreneurs think of setting up a holding company in China.

What are the benefits of a holding company in China?

 Among the advantages of a holding company in China, the following are important:
  • •    foreigners can enlarge their portfolio and profits with a holding company in China;
  • •    a holding company is a legal entity which has an easy incorporation procedure;
  • •    the foreigner’s assets are completely protected through such business form;
  • •    the double taxation treaties signed by China are also available for such type of company.
Knowing the business field and the advantages in certain sectors and climates can help the foreign entrepreneur decide for the proper business structure which in many cases can be the holding company which needs approval from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, also known as SAIC. If you want to start a company in China and express the interest in holding companies, our Chinese team of specialists in company incorporation can offer in-depth information in this matter.

Choosing the city for setting up a holding company in China

It is good to know that holding companies are subject to different benefits, depending on the chosen city for such entity. A foreign entrepreneur should know complete details about the financial system, the economic stability, whether the risks are high or low and if the city offers complete supportive administration for holding companies in China. One shpuld also observe the taxation of holding  companies in China. If you need support for VAT registration in China, feel free to talk to our specialists.
If you consider that a holding company suits your business needs in China, you can contact our company formation agents in China for comprehensive information and support in this matter.


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