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Liaison Office in China

Updated on Monday 23rd April 2018

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Liaison-Office-in-China.jpgA liaison office in China is known as a representative office (RO) directed to foreigners who want to establish the business presence in the country without having to operate as a WFOE in China, as a subsidiary or branch. The registration of a liaison office in China can be made with complete assistance offered by our team of company incorporation agents in China who can also offer support for any type of entity you want to register. 

What are the attributes of a liaison office in China?

The connection between the parent company from abroad and the registered business in China can be established through a liaison office or a representative office in China. It is important to know that such structure has no legal personality and it is subject to varied conditions:
Deals with financial operations  NO
Can issue invoices NO
Can sign contracts   NO
Can assume civil liability  NO
Needs a registered agent  YES
Can perform marketing activities  YES
Must submit the annual financial statements  YES









If you consider that a liaison office is a proper choice to establish the business presence on the Chinese market, you can talk to our company formation specialists in China.

What are the tax requirements for a liaison office in China?

The representative offices in China need to file the annual report with information about the foreign company, about the payment balance and about the ongoing business activities. Moreover, liaison offices in China are levied for gross costs and the tax burden in this matter is set at 11.75% from the monthly expenses, in accordance with the business sector in which these are registered.

What are the conditions for foreign employees of a liaison office in China?

It is good to know that the representative offices in China cannot hire more than 4 foreign employees. Likewise, such employees must have business relations with the parent company from abroad.
If you want to set up a liaison office in China or if you want to register a company in China, we suggest you contact our team of company incorporation agents in China at any time.


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