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Shelf Company in China

Updated on Thursday 08th July 2021

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Ready-made companies or shelf companies in China are at the disposal of foreign investors interested in a fast start on the Chinese market. Such business entity comes with many advantages as soon as the ownership transfer is made. If you consider that a shelf company is a proper solution for your future activities in China, we suggest you address to our Chinese company formation specialists for support in registration matters. The company formation in China regardless of the chosen entity may start with our help.

What is a shelf company in China?

China welcomes foreign investors who want to start their activities as soon as possible and benefit from the flourishing business climate. Anticipating the entrepreneurs’ needs led to many opportunities in this direction, one of them being the shelf companies in China which can be ready for operations in a short time. Running the activities in China through a ready-made company is not only advantageous from the beginning, but it allows the business person choose the activities in accordance with his/her needs and establish in China’s main industries rapidly. One should know that ready-made companies are registered firms in China kept on a shelf until they age. Having a history behind and being subject to no liabilities or debts will weigh much in front of potential partners or future customers, therefore, many entrepreneurs are interested in purchasing shelf companies
A ready-made company in China may exist on the market for at least two years without any activities. If you want to know more about how to acquire a Chinese shelf company, we suggest you talk to one of our company incorporation agents in China for comprehensive details and further assistance. Setting up a company in China and looking for success in the competitive market may sometimes begin with purchasing a ready-made company. Businessmen interested in purchasing shelf companies in other jurisdictions, for example in Brazil, are invited to contact our partners - CompanyFormationBrazil.com.
Here is a video with information about how you can purchase a shelf company in China


Who can purchase a shelf company in China?

Any foreign entrepreneur or businessman in China can purchase a shelf company in China, a firm for which there is no need to wait for incorporation and related matters. Such a company is ready for activities on the market and the ownership is transferred in approximately 2 days. 

What are the necessary documents for a ready-made company in China?

The identification papers of the shareholders, the signatures of the owners and the directors, the declaration forms and any other relevant documents provided by the Trade Register are among the mandatory documents for buying a shelf company in China.

Does a ready-made company have debts in China?

Having no activities in the market means there are no debts for a shelf company in China. One of our company formation agents in China can help you register for VAT and for other taxes too.

Do I have to wait for the incorporation process of a shelf company?

No, foreign entrepreneurs do not need to pass throughout the entire registration process of a ready-made company, as this firm is already registered with the Chinese authorities.
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The advantages of a shelf company in China

Shelf companies in China have a multitude of advantages which can attract the attention of foreign investors in this country, such as: 
  • it has a notable business address, a bank account, and a registered minimum share capital;
  • it has an accounting history for at least 2 years and a fast incorporation;
  • shelf companies in China can operate in the import & export sector, the retail field and manufacturing without any restrictions; 
  • if licenses and permits are needed, our advisors can help in this sense. 
As for the revenues, it is good to bear in mind that through a ready-made company in China, the incomes can be remitted to the parent company, regardless of the country of residency. Also, your shelf company in China can operate with the help of virtual office services which can be provided by our team. If you want to open a company in China and you don't want to relocate to this country, you may address to our consultants in this sense.
For more information about the shelf companies in China, please do not hesitate to contact our Chinese team of company incorporation representatives.

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