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Updated on Friday 10th April 2020

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Our virtual office services in China stand at the disposal of foreign entrepreneurs interested in setting up their activities in a fast and reliable manner. Your business in China can benefit from the presence of a prestigious office with fewer costs compared to a traditional one. We mention that our agents can offer company formation services, and furthermore, you can ask for virtual office services and choose the advantageous package that suits most your business. Complete information and also guidance in this matter can be offered by our team of company incorporation agents in China.

Virtual office services in China


The following matters are part of the virtual office services in China:
  • •    a notable business address in Beijing for a credible and appreciated image in front of future clients;
  • •    a registered office mandatory for opening a company in China;
  • •    mail collection and forwarding according to your instructions in this sense;
  • •    incoming and outgoing faxes with the help of a local fax number;
  • •    a local phone number in Beijing, or in any important city in China;
  • •    voice mailbox on request (the messages can be redirected on the private number).
We can also provide other important services for your company in China, such as:
  • •    call redirecting with support of specialized communication technology (more information can be provided);
  • •    dedicated fax services with a local private number on request;
  • •    bank statements collection (we can take care of bank matters);
  • •    meeting rooms for business conferences with potential partners in China.


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Why should I choose a virtual office in China?

The virtual office services in China may represent a suitable image of your firm because our consultants can offer a wide range of solutions keeping in mind your necessities and requests in this sense. Once your business is operative on the Chinese market, you will receive a local phone number for private purposes. We also remind foreigners that instead of dealing with the language barrier or facing difficulties in company formation, it is best to talk to one of our company formation representatives in China. We mention that setting up a company in China is an easy process with fewer formalities.

Why do I need a professional business address?

Foreign investors who want to set up their operations in China and benefit from confidence and liability on the market should seek of a professional business address. Choosing a virtual office in China and particularly in the needed city for business linked to a respected location may benefit investors.

Why do I need office facilities in China?

To control the business from abroad, office facilities are required in this sense. The use of meeting room for future collaborators or clients interested in your activities is part of the virtual office services, where the costs are low.

Are virtual office services cheap?

Yes, virtual office services are subject to low costs compared to traditional offices for rent in China at the time of company incorporation. This is an important benefit for foreign investors in China who want to enter the market for test and marketing purposes in the first instance.
You can also watch the video below for complete information about our virtual office services in China

The benefits of a virtual office in China

Keeping up with the business climate which develops and changes on a daily basis is mandatory for any entrepreneur interested in having success in the Chinese market. For updates and complete information, a virtual office can be the proper starting point for business persons from abroad. The activities can start in a fast manner with the help of a virtual office in China. It is suggested to consider this method instead of waiting for a traditional office to be approved.
Please do not hesitate to contact our team of company incorporation specialists in China for further information about the virtual office services in China.

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